We finally found the right property in the center of downtown Cary (218 Byrum Street Cary) to build our retirement house.  A lot is coming together to make this our dream house and we are working with some amazing people.

First and foremost we have had the fortune to work with James Rahaim who designed the house.  He has been absolutely amazing in all aspects including selecting the roof glazing, overall layout for making the home accessible and keeping us on a tried and true path to making this a home we want to live in.

Louis and Patti Sadler of Sadler Construction are building the house for us.  They specialize in age in place homes and are an absolute joy to work with. The fact that their office is in downtown Cary only a few blocks from our property is just an added bonus.

The Sadlers introduced us to Sally Williams from Colorful Concepts who we have been working with on the interior house design. She has been patient and persistent in helping us design the interior to make it our home.

With the 5.2 acres for a yard, we found Arnette Clark of Arnette Clark Design.  We have a lot of trees to keep and plantings that need to be done where the trees are thinned out.  She has helped in the design of the circular driveway and the walkways around the house.

With the water running through the west edge of the land and a drainage pipe bringing water under where the driveway crosses, we have had the pleasure of working with Trent Stewart of Arcadia Consulting Engineers.  He is extremely knowledgeable of water engineering and has worked to ensure that the house and driveway work well on the land as well as identify a solution to deal with the storm water that is coming off the dirt road into the ditch on the eastern part of the property.

A key feature of the house is the ElectroChromatic glass roof over the dining room and the great room.  James spent a lot of time researching and found that the SuperSky product was the ideal choice for us to use.  The Electrochromatic portion of it from SageGlass gives us the ability to control the amount of lighting entering those areas.  Combined with a stucco interior, this will make for an amazing space all times of the year.

We love doing business with local people.  The wonderful folks at Sorrell’s Cabinet Co. Inc are building the custom cabinets for our kitchen and laundry room.

For our appliances and fixtures, we worked with Jeff and Paul at Wilkinson Supply.