As a family we like creating things.  Some of them are iconic to us.


Ann Marie spent a lot of time makign this mask.  15 1/2" x 12" unframed.AnnMarieMask

AnnMariePictureThis is the classic Ann Marie Picture that they blew up and put on foam core in high school.  In bad condition but we have the original image to make more.  20" x 16" mounted on foam core

This is the classic Margaret Picture.  20" x 16" mounted on foam core.MargaretPicture


MaryEllenKidsGardenPictureThe kids hired a professional photographer for one of our presents and Mary Ellen really loves this picture and had a large print made. 20" x 30" x 1 1/2" deep in a frameless canvas that wraps the picture stretched along the sides for a nice effect.

John paint this one at a Wine and Design night. 20" x16" x 5/8" deep on a standard ungraded canvas.JohnPainting

MaryEllenPaintingAnd it goes very well with the much better one by Mary Ellen.  20" x16" x 5/8" deep on a standard ungraded canvas. 





In 2001, we made custom playing cards with pictures of the entire extended family.  This is a full uncut sheet of them. 24" x 36" in a cheap poster frame That is missing an edge.PlayingCards


RussianNestingDollsWhen we went to Russia, we painted these traditional Nesting Dolls.  2 1/2" in diameter x 4 3/4" tall.

Only the outside one is painted, but you can see them unnested.RussianNestingUnnested