Living Room Furniture Suite is composed of

- Sectional sofa (dark blue leather)

- Coffee table (red oak and brass)

- Rectangular side table (red oak and brass)

- Square side table (red oak and brass) (in storage in Master bedroom at the moment)

- sofa table (red oak and brass) (current used in entry way)

- Model ship (not strictly living room, but was designed to match at the time)

Peach sectional is 24" wide x 37" deep x 34" high.  Overall the L shape is 124" x 94"

 The coffee table is 54" x 28" x 16" tall

The side table is 27" x 22" x 21 1/2" high.

This corner table is 26" x 26" x 20 1/2" high

The sofa table is 50" x 17" deep x 25" high.  The Gengis Khan status is 24" wide x 9" deep x 25" tall.

The ship case is 37" x 18" deep x 53 1/2" tall with the top of the wood part at 24"