3.1. Garage

  • Standard 2 car garage door.  Insulated.  For example: Precision Overhead Garage Door.  Newhaven Design, White Color, Seine Window, Blue Ridge 11 in Handles, Blue Ridge 16in Strap Hinge.  (http://designer.precisiondoor.net/)

  • Door to kitchen, no preference, but it should fit into the decor of the kitchen.
  • Door to back yard should have window for top such as:

  • Door to workshop should be a full glass door with no interior panes.

3.2. Workshop

  • At least 4 20-amp circuits.
  • Ultimately will install a dust collection system for woodworking (not initially).
  • Same garage door as main garage.
  • Door to driveway should be same as door to the back yard.
  • Sink should be standard durable large basin utility sink.

3.3. Kitchen

  • This is where we need lots of help of a designer for cabinet placement, appliance selection, counter top, etc.
  • We currently have a large side by side white refrigerator, but are seriously considering a built-in SubZero 42 inch side by side.  http://www.subzero-wolf.com/sub-zero/full-size-refrigeration/builtin-refrigerators/42-inch-built-in-side-by-side-refrigerator-freezer-dispenser
  • The visual focal point of the kitchen, visible through the doorway from the dining room and centered on the door will be a pizza oven.    We are planning on using the WoodStone Bistro 4836 (http://woodstone-corp.com/product/bistro-4836)  We would like to have a decorative tile around the face of the oven.
  • A Natural-Gas stove top
  • Wall mounted oven with microwave.
  • A second microwave, possibly above the Stove Top if it makes sense.
  • Double sink.
  • We have a standalone white freezer, but will probably put it in the garage unless the kitchen design makes sense to use it.
  • We have two small standalone wine fridges but would consider alternate approaches for wine cooling and storage.
  • Ideally we like to have an open kitchen.  When removed the top cabinets in our old house, we really appreciated how open it made it feel.
  • Assuming we have a stainless steel fridge, we would like to have a wall which is magnetic (such as a vertical white board) where notes/etc can be attached.
  • John and Mary Ellen Toebes - 2018 Byrum Street, Cary 9/27/2016 Appliances, and other Kitchen and Laundry Accessories
1 side-by-side refrigerator SubZero with cabinet panel front BI-42SID/O
match cabinetry 42"W
2 Gas pizza oven Wood Stone Bistro 4836 stainless steel 47-3/4"W x 43"D x 70"H with tile surround
3 Natural gas range top with griddle Thermador PCG364GD porcelain, cast iron 35-15/16"W x 25-13/16"D x 10-9/16"H
4 Vent hood - Liner only Tradewind VSL436-6-22BF Custom stucco surround 34-1/2"W
5.1 Wall-mounted oven with GE Profile PT7050SFSS stainless steel 29-3/4"W x 28-5/8"H x 26-3/4"D
5.2   microwave above GE Profile PSB9120SFSS stainless steel 29-3/4"W x 19-1/8"H x 21-1/2"D
6 Second microwave, Drawer-style in Island Sharp SMD-2470AS stainless steel 23-7/8"W x 15-7/8"H x 23-1/64"D
7 Standalone Freezer (have)     white 32"W x 26-1/2"D x 71"H
8 Standalone wine fridges (have) Haier HVF042ABL Black/silver/gray 20w x 21d x 38h 
  Standalone wine fridges (have) Frigidaire FWC342GBO Black 20 x 20 x 34h
  **Keep one of the above for hall "Butler's Pantry"        
9 Silhouette Wine Fridge Silhouette DWC053D1BSSPR stainless steel 23.82"W x 34.45"H x 25.59"D
10 Dishwasher Miele With G6365SCVI match cabinetry 23-9/16"W x 33-11/16"H x 22 7/16"D cabinet panel front
11 Disposal, 1/2 horsepower Whirlpool GC2000XE steel/other 6-5/16"W x 11-3/8"H
12 Front-loading Washer (have) LG WM3250HWA white 27w x 29d x 52.5h
13 Front-loading Dryer (have) LG DLE5997W White 27w x 29d x 46.5h (including pedestal)
14 built-in ironing board        
15 Pizza Dough Sheeter (have) Doyon DL18SD Stainless 22w x 11.5d x 13h
16 Personal Soda Dispenser (at sink) Wonder Bar?      

3.4. Pantry

  • Need plenty of solid wood shelves (we don't like the wire shelves)

3.5. Laundry Room

  • We have a high end LG electric washer and dryer set.
  • We want to have a built in ironing board and a folding counter.  If the ironing board raises up, that is fine, but not necessary.

3.6. Master Closet

  • No strong opinion here except no wire shelves.  Specific items we would like are tie rack, and shoe storage areas.

3.7. Master Bathroom

  • Flush Entry/no Barrier Walk-in shower
  • Rainfall shower head and separate hand shower
  • Fold down bench in shower (wood, teak)
  • Ledge for wife to be able to put her foot up for shaving legs.
  • Shampoo shelf
  • Comfort toilets
  • Sinks need to be wall hung or doors open to allow wheelchair access
  • Floor Tile doesn't need to be terracotta
  • We don't like the sinks which are a free standing bowl on the counter.
  • Some designs that appealed:




3.8. Master Bedroom

3.9. Media Room

  • Based on sound absorption we think that this may need to be a low-pile carpet, but would like advice.  Likewise on the best wall material
  • Open to options on media room seats, but we don't want them permanently installed as we would expect to want to move them to make room for family activities (Wii, Dance Dance Revolution) or even bring in more chairs.
  • Should have surround sound speakers built in, but we do not need a high-end sound system.
  • Would be nice to have extra sound insulation in the walls, particularly where it shares with the master bedroom
  • Want stand in the front to place a 70 to 80 in TV (i.e. no projector or built-in TV
  • Utilize Plex media server in the closet.
  • Wired for ethernet.

3.10. Media Room Closet

  • Plex server and networking hardware will be here.
  • Power should be filtered with surge protection.
  • A UPS would be ideal.
  • All network connections from other rooms in the house will come to here.
  • Need ensure ISP provided networking (Google Fiber or AT&T U-Verse) can be brought to this room.
  • Need to ensure that wiring from all the other network connections in the house can be upgraded in the future.
  • Security cameras will also terminate here.

3.11. Kitchen Side Hallway

  • Continue stucco walls.
  • Would like a variation on the Terracotta LVT patterns to transition to whatever is in the bedrooms.

3.12. Great Room/Dining Room

  • Glass Ceiling
  • Stucco Walls
  • Arch Doorways
  • Faux Arch doorways
  • Arch Display Shelves
  • Spanish Hacienda Style
  • Will probably need some floor outlets to be able to plug lamps in.
  • Possible tile on the arches (depending on cost)
  • LVT Terracotta at 45 degrees to walls
  • Display shelves in Dining room should be glass with recessed lighting at the top.
  • Potential design idea: sconces near the arches in the great room/dining room to give a bit of an outdoor feeling?
  • Some concept pictures that appealed to us.




3.13. Entry Way

  • No particular notes/ideas.

3.14. Coat Closet

  • No particular notes/ideas.

3.15. Guest Bathroom

  • Standard toilet

3.16. Office Side Hallway

  • Continue stucco walls.  Would like a variation on the Terracotta LVT patterns.

3.17. Guest Bedroom

  • No particular notes/ideas.

3.18. Second Master

  • French sliding door to back yard
  • Closet door should be double sliders with fixed flankers with mirrors instead of glass, similar to this picture:

3.19. Second Master Bath

  • Flush Entry/no Barrier Walk-in shower
  • Rainfall shower head and separate hand shower

3.20. Office

  • Make the office flooring the same as the bedrooms.

3.21. Office Closet

  • In a balance between hanging bars and shelves, there should be more shelves.

3.22. Portico/Porch

  • Top of arch wooden with a light color wood high gloss to reflect
  • Hanging light fixture in center
  • No strong opinion on the exact columns other than they fit the proportions of the space.  The ideally should match the Garage Door trim.