Videos are up!

July 06

Today's the day for the pizza oven to be delivered. Here it gets rolled in through the opening they made in the wall where a door was.


And here it is sitting in the middle of the kitchen awaiting installation.

July 05

But in better news, tomorrow is the day for the pizza oven to be delivered.  Note the sophisticated sign indicating where it is to be placed in the kitchen for now.

Unfortunately it is too big to fit through the kitchen door, so they have to remove the door frame completely. Fortunately there are no wall up yet, so this is only a couple of nails that will have to be redone later.


Just a minor problem with the front windows.  It turns out that if you look at the previous picture closely, you will discover that one window is closer to the door than the other.  Fortunately it is a pretty easy fix.. Just take off the brick, reframe the window and put the brick back on.  So far they have the brick off..


June 22

All the HVAC is in place and electrical wiring is in process.  This is a view from the garage looking into the kitchen and on to the dining room.  Note that the temporary roof is on so we don't have all the light coming in.



June 22

All the brick has been complete.  Here's a good view of the front door.


June 13

Brick on the garage side is complete.


Brick around the front is almost complete.  Just missing the parts under the doors and windows.

June 09

Here's a good surround inside the dining room looking into the great room.  Note how dark it is with the temporary ceiling in place..


May 03

Every once in a while the Town of Cary does something right.  This is the park that they just completed a block from our house.  Every time I go past it, there are people there enjoying the fountain, playing ping pong, bocci or foosball.


March 29

This is a great view of looking up where the skylight is going to be.  .