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Solving Assistants

Amsco ?Autokey ?Baconian ?Bazeries ?Beaufort ?Bifid ?
Cadenus ?Checkerboard ?Complete Columnar Transposition ?Condi ?Cm Bifid ?Digrafid ?
Foursquare ?Fractionated Morse ?Grandpré ?Grille ?Gromark ?Gronsfeld ?
Headlines ?Homophonic ?Incomplete Columnar Transposition ?Interrupted Key ?Key Phrase ?Monome-Dinome ?
Morbit ?Myszkowski ?Nicodemus ?Nihilist Substitution ?Nihilist Transposition ?Null ?
Numbered Key ?Periodic Gromark ?Phillips ?Phillips-Rc ?Playfair ?Pollux ?
Porta ?Portax ?Progressive Key ?Quagmire Ⅰ ?Quagmire Ⅱ ?Quagmire Ⅲ ?
Quagmire Ⅳ ?Ragbaby ?Railfence ?Redefence ?Route Transposition ?Running Key ?
Seriated Playfair ?Slidefair ?Swagman ?Syllabary ?Tridigital ?Trifid ?
Tri-Square ?Twin Bifid ?Twin Trifid ?Two-Square ?Variant ?Vigenère ?

16 implemented... only 44 more to go