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Solving Guides!

Looking for solving guides for Ciphers? Here are three good options:

  1. We have many excellent guides written by ACA members that should put you on the road to solving ciphers faster.
  2. We have a full guide to all the ciphers. Updated 22-Jan-2024.
  3. Also don't forget the resources listed on the National Science Olympiad CodeBusters site
  4. We have a new YouTube Channel @Codebusters-sciol where we are posting short videos showing how to use the different cipher tools

Cipher usage for Division B/C this year.

If you are trying to figure out what ciphers will be used for what type of event, we have a nice Summary of Ciphers used for the 2023-2024 Season that was made by reading the current rules. As always, any official clarifications or rule updates override anything on that page, but it is a good start.

If you are looking for a resource sheet to print out for practice, you can find them for Division A Division B Division C

Summary of what's new:

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Are you an Event leader looking to create a Division A/B/C test? You can use the new Test Builder as a starting point for a good mix of questions. Just follow the steps to create a test with questions and a guide to picking plain text for the ciphers.

Are you an Coach looking to create a Division A/B/C practice test? You can use the new Test Builder and the Quote Manager loading up the Previously Used English Quotes and Previously Used Spanish Quotes as a starting point to build your own sample tests. A video walking you through the process can be seen at

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