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Cipher usage for Division B/C this year.

If you are trying to figure out what ciphers will be used for what type of event, we have a nice Summary of Ciphers used for the 2021-2022 Season that was made by reading the current rules. As always, any official clarifications or rule updates override anything on that page, but it is a good start.

Weekly test purges on Fridays.

In preparation for tournaments using the site, we will be purging all non-tournament interactive tests Friday afternoons. Note that this only affects the interactive answers for tests, not the questions so the only thing that will disappear is any scheduled tests, not the source for the tests.


If you start seeing double letters in an input box, it means that there was a network hiccup. If you refresh the web page, you should reconnect and be able to continue with your test. We have made an update to display a detailed error message when the system detects this situation. If you can reliably reproduce this situation, please send email with the error message to and what you do to reproduce it.

When solving a Morbit, Pollux or Baconian cipher, you must put the answer under the corresponding solution character. This means that on a Baconian answer, four out of five answer boxes in a row should be blank and Morbit/Pollux answers should only have one letter under the characters that make up the morse code. For example if the morse code text was ●–×–●●●×–●–●×–●●×● (which corresponds to ABCDE) you should write the answer as below: Also note that the system does not grade anything that is not in the yellow underlined boxes so you do not have to fill in the morse characters or the AB of the Baconian.


Likewise for a Baconian you can only fill in one of the five positions for the Baconian letter. It can be in any of the positions, but you should only fill in a single one of them.


Summary of what's new:

An quick tutorial of using the tool can be seen at

Please report any problems at
Are you a coach looking for hints and solving guides? Here are three places to go:
Are you an Event leader looking to create a Division C Regional or Invitational test? You can use this sample test as a starting point for a good mix of questions and nominal score values. Don't forget to Randomize the Aristocrats and pick new values for the questions. You can also randomize the order of the questions when editing the test.

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This would not be possible without the tireless volunteer work of a good team of developers:

We are also greatly appreciative of the work by Michael MacFadden in making the realtime engine which is used by the online testing component.

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